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Linear Polarizer Film by the Foot

Just $15 per linear foot; that's only 7 cents/square inch  (1 cent/cm2)!

Inexpensive way of polarizing lights for photography. Excellent for experimentation! Easily cut to any shape.

This polyvinyl alcohol-iodine filter has no color distortion and very good polarization efficiency (0.002% crossed transmission at 570 nm).

It comes with a width of 17" (43 cm) and you can order any length in multiples of 1 foot (30 cm).


polarized film



Reflective (Transflective) Polarizer

A polarizing film with a semi-reflective back.

It is used on the back of LCD displays to recycle ambient light. It can be use with or without LCD back illumination.


Polarizer high temperature

High-Temperature Polarizer

A super-high durability neutral dye linear polarizing film with adhesive backing.

It is used in tough field applications and to repair some projector engines with damaged polarizers.

Film and adhesive withstand 1000 hours test at 105 degrees C (221 °F).


Polarizer high temperature

Fully Laminated Linear Polarizer Sheets

Material 30 mil (0.75mm) thick. Its thickness provides rigidity for free-standing applications.

It comes in a width of 17" (43 cm) and you can order any length in multiples of 1 foot (30 cm).  It comes with protective peel-off film on both sides.

Great for building large polariscopes to detect residual stress in glass and plastics!

linear polarizing film

LCD-Quality Polarizers

These very high-quality and high-performance polarizers are used by manufacturers in the production of LCD monitors and TVs.

Polarizer filters available with optical pressure sensitive adhesive.

Good extinction and color neutral. Sold in flat sheets up to 40 by 25 inches (1000 x 630 mm) in size.

Polarizers with anti-glare/hard coat.

Ideal for repairing instrumentation LCDs (e.g. avionics, corvettes)!

Super-high-contrast polarizer (with and without adhesive).

Highest brightness in LCDs! Preferred for DIY LCD projectors.


polarizer LCD


Circular Polarizing Sheets

Circular polarizing material, 0.3 mm (12 mil) thick. High-quality, made by laminating a low-scattering polarizer to a high-performance polymer retarder film.

Left and Right complimentary handedness available!.

Low cost panels and rolls for 3D glasses available!

Anti-glare coated, high-contrast and with pressure sensitive adhesive.


circular polarizer


Waveplate Retarder Film

Quarter-wave retarder film sold by the foot!

It is 36 inches wide and just $25 per linear foot for standard grade and $40 for high-temperature grade.

High and very uniform birefringence, excellent clarity.

Convert linear polarization into circular polarization without any loss.

Use two layers to build a half-waveplate and used it to rotate the direction of polarization (e.g. switch veritcal and horizonatal polarization).

wave plate retarder film

Polarization Demo Cards

Test Polarized Sunglasses

4 designs available in stock


polarized sunglasses demo

Skylight Compass

& Polariscope Card

(Created Here!)

$4.00 in single quantities

Out of stock


skylght compass



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